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October 9, 2015 Live Overview KETX nbc Tyler

Downtown Edom, TX


The quaint country community of Edom, Texas, serves as perfect contrast for the premiere art festival of East Texas.  A downtown lined with shops of local artists hints that there is something unique in Edom and that is its love affair with art.  Since 1972, when the idea came about to the resident artists to ask a group of talented friends to get together and showcase their works, the first show attracted over 2000 people and has grown over time. They gather in the grassy meadow behind the shops, just as it has been done year after year.  For years the festival was a highly sought after invitation only, and today the show is open to artists throughout the country through a jury process, where 60 to 70 artists are chosen for their diversity and uniqueness.

An  array of art, live music, a free children’s art workshop and a wide assortment of food offer something for everyone. Those looking for a special piece or folks just looking for a fun family outing will find it at Edom Festival of the Arts. 

A beautiful fall weekend is a wonderful time for collectors and would be collectors, to stroll the meadow, visit with the artists in a casual, relaxed atmosphere, and think about supporting the arts and handmade American Art and craft.